Lower Body Liposuction

Hi there again!

Decided to share about my lower body liposuction after my successful arms liposuction 3 months ago.

I had actually booked my lower body session even before I did my arms liposuction as I was rather determined to get rid of the unwanted fats around those areas. After being encouraged by the success of my first arms liposuction, I was more confident of my lower body session. I did not have to go through the blood test anymore and the proceedings went on as per the first time. However, strangely enough, I was more anxious as the date grew nearer and I actually couldn’t sleep much the night before as there were so many things on my mind!

I took the Arnica Montana tablets before the surgery as instructed 5 days before. When the day of my surgery arrived, I took the same flight and the same driver came to pick me up. I saw the same nurse, Yusma, when I arrived and was ushered to the same bedroom as I was staying in 3 months ago. The familiarity did help to ease a bit of the nerves that I was feeling then. Not sure why I was feeling more anxious than my first experience as I had already know what to expect.

My thighs before lipo

The lower body surgery was actually much more painful than the first time I did for my arms. Perhaps it could be due to the painkiller not taking effect yet as I remember the pain was more intense in the left leg when Dr Arthur did the liposuction than my right. Maybe the painkiller injection took place later? Not sure too. Anyway, this time round, Dr Arthur took out a whopping 3.1 litres of fat! I still remember grabbing onto the arms of Yusma in pain, and I feel so bad after that as I must have grabbed her hands quite hard throughout that whole 4-5 hour session! Oops. Sorry Yusma!

I had bought my compression tights along that day and as usual, Dr Arthur would come and check on me twice in the night after the surgery. When Dr Arthur came to check on me in the evening, he asked me if I had peed and I said no. He then was very concerned that I would be dehydrated especially after the surgery where the body lost a lot of fluid and blood. He then quickly refilled my water bottle personally and kept stressing and telling me that it was very important that I kept drinking lots of water and that I must pee so its a sign that the body has sufficient water. I think this is very comforting to know that your doctor is so caring and is concerned about the patient’s well being after the surgery, even in such small details like whether you have a night light or your room is too warm etc.

The pain during recovery was much more intense than the first time round. The arms liposuction recovery was a breeze. This time, perhaps because there were more areas that had undergone liposuction (7 areas plus fat grafting to the buttocks as compared to 4 areas for the arms), recovery was slightly slower. I also bled much more and had to have the pads to absorb the drainage even after 5 days. Previously, I didn’t need the pads for drainage after the first day. This time for the legs, because of the bigger area and also for the fact that we do put stress on the legs more whenever we walk (as compared to the usage of our arms) or stand, the drainage was so heavy, it even seeped through the maternity pads that were given and onto the bed during my 3 day stay in Medan! Thank goodness there was a absorbent pad placed on the bed but I think I still stained a bit of the bed sheets… oops. 😛

I was very diligent and booked my massage slots even before returning home. I also went for my massage regularly in the beginning to aid the healing process. I also decided to take the Yunnan Baiyao instead of the Arnica as Dr Arthur mentioned that I was bruising quite badly and should try the Yunnan Baiyao instead of Arnica, which is better for the bruising and swelling. My bruising took about 3 weeks to completely heal and my calves and feet also swelled big time as if I was a pregnant lady! After taking the Yunnan Baiyao and applying the thromboprob gel diligently everyday, I really did see a significant improvement for my bruising! So it really does work! I couldn’t really walk or stand for the first 2 weeks… whenever I walked, it was as if I was a robot and the muscles were pain and legs were very tense and stiff. It was then I thanked Dr Arthur in my heart again for recommending me that I do not do my lower body session before my overseas trip, otherwise I would not have been able to travel nor walk around during my trip. So whatever Dr Arthur tells you, must listen, I told myself. Haha!

From top: Day 4, Day 9, Week 2 and Week 3

It has been 3 weeks and counting since my lower body lipo and even though it is still swelling and a lot of tense muscles & tightness in the legs, I can definitely see that it is much slimmer and this time, Dr Arthur told me that he will not take as much fat out as my skin was not as elastic (I already had a lot of stretch marks on my legs) and he did not want to stretch the skin out that much at a go. This time, I trust whatever that he says as from experience, he is usually right! Can’t wait for the swelling to subside to see the actual result. But I am already happy with my legs and now, I am looking forward to my 3rd session for my mid body session next year!